Why must SmartRO?..

Domain smartragnarok.com since 2013

Google Rating

  • You can check in google, with keyword "Smart Ragnarok", we exist! and we're HERE!

Web Interface / Control Panel / CPanel

  • We created our own website, not by FluxCP, or Star Game Control Panel or SGCP
  • This is to prove our consciousness of security not for fun or business purpose only

We Very Understand of Security

  • It means we develop and know how it works not standard install

Server uptime / Stability of server

  • 254 days uptime, or 8 month uptime, it means our server is very stable
  • we have secondary server to test, fix, create and to explore for new feature in beta server, URL : http://beta.smartragnarok.com.
  • we only implement our new feature to main server if it works in beta server.
We created this page not only for our arrogance, we want to tell you that we're maintenance this server properly and carefully, we make server very comfortable for player to play, for the player who understood explanation above maybe it will give you a knowledge about this server
Happy RO ^_^
Staff GM.